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Management of ICT projects
Project management is my core activity, with a strong focus on achieving results. I bring assignments to a successful close in a pragmatic, hands-on manner. Because of my technical and ICT background, my added value is greatest in projects and programmes with a strong ICT component. I am IPMA-A, IPMA-B, MSP, SAFe, FPA and Prince2 certified. I keep myself fully informed about the possibilities and impossibilities of the latest technological developments in the market through a broad personal network and by attending seminars and symposia. This level of knowledge is crucial to successfully completing complex ICT projects and programmes.

Fact-based audits and assessments
The purpose of an audit is to assess the correct use of specific standards/guidelines or frameworks and to find 'gaps' that need to be corrected. For example, a function point counting audit or an audit that focuses on the software architecture and/or the use of programming standards/guidelines.
Assessments serve a different purpose. They are intended to help define the current situation: the good, the bad and the ugly. An assessment does not necessarily focus on a predefined problem. However, it must provide new information and it must identify areas where improvements are required.
Usually, I use KPIs/metrics to determine the desired result together with the customer. The value of the metrics indicates how ambitious the customer is.

Advice and coaching
As a professional with many years of experience, I often take on a coaching and advisory role. I advise and coach employees/teams based on my proven track record. My approach is both effective and refreshing. My only addiction is a healthy one: I love acquiring professional knowledge. The more I learn and the more I apply that knowledge professionally, the better my reference material becomes as a coaching tool. My communication is clear, convincing and simple. As a coach, I strive to get the best out of the team and the individual team members.