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IPMA-NL VAKdag 2022

Een van de grootste agile output-based digitale transformaties in Nederland.
Contracteren op basis van geleverde business functionaliteit in plaats van bestede uren.

NESMA Special Interest Group 2022

Payments based on function points or a different way of project & supplier management with an example from practice

Quint webinar Agile way of working 2021

Sourcing contracts in an Agile world:
Output based sourcing

IWSM Mensura


Output-based contracting in
an Agile environment

Kluwer’s Day of the project manager 2019


Metrics in IT project this way you
get grip on Agile projects.

QSM Custumers’ Event 2018


Looking back at a successful event with participants including ING, NS, T-Mobile, Belastingdienst, ICTU,…..

Mobilee Custermers’ Event 2018


Agility is of decisive importance for companies that want to quickly respond to an ever-changing environment…..

IPMA Project Management Parade 2018


No grip No glory also applicable to Agile projects. Just how to calculate the costs of Agile projects?

Metri Customers’ Event 2018


Control Agile
teams a taboo?

Nesma Autumn Conference 2017


‘Metrics in Contracts,
how to avoid horror stories’